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Ehm... Hi... h-hajimemashite...
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 11:07 am by Mstarh
Hello minna-san - Mstarh here..

I just joined here cause I saw the link on AF...

Me: "That says Bishiehaven... I like Bishies... Is that some sort of haven of bishies? -- I wanna go there..."

Then I registered...

I love yaoi, manga and anime... My favourite types of animes are Survival game types such as Mirai Nikki and Dangan Ronpa... Also... Mystery Death animes like Umineko and Another... …

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Heyyo Guys!
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 10:22 am by 2spooky_4_you
Hey guys! My name's Kyle and I'm really excited to be apart of this forum.

I'm a huge fan of movie make-up, video games, anime, and a lot of things really. I'm in love with history and classic Japanese monster films. 

I love to cosplay, especially with my friend Orion.

I'm saving up to buy and collect old video games and consoles. I'm not the best gamer out there, but I still love to play …

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Bishie Haven Staff
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 9:47 pm by Yuki Kiryuu
ѕтჃ σƒ вιѕнιє нανєη


✘уυкι кιяуυυ


♡яιкυ∂συ ѕєηηιη

gяαρнι¢ ∂єѕιgηєяѕ:


ƒσяυм нєℓρєяѕ:


ѕ¢αηℓαтιση тєαм:


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Hello, hi, hey :)
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyWed Aug 14, 2013 4:50 pm by Averlie

I can't believe I just joined the forum without even introducing myself. So I apologize to everyone out there and here it goes:

Hello, Averlie is totally not my real name but I prefer it, so if you wanna know the truth just PM me please.

I'm an excessive gamer and I build rovers in my spare time. 

Right now I'm in love with programming because I'm an absolute nerd so I'm taking …

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Hello~ AmyChan here *^*
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 8:08 am by AmyChan
Hii Hii~! I'm Amy, and I'm British (If I start with my nationality, things usually go well XD) I've been cleaning on and off for about 5 months, and it's one of my hobbies XD I saw this group on a website, and it looks so friendly imc  I love food, btw XD I hope I can get to know you guys better *^*

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Hi <3 don't shoot! I mean no harm ;_;
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 3:13 am by Lilliane19
I'm Lilliane19! real Name is Chizuru Yukimura. I'm from the Philippines and I love anime, manga, and video games (specifically OTOME GAMES <3). A very pretty friend of mine recommended this page to me, and I fell in love with the photo of the hot anime dude that came up (Karneval~) so I immediately joined :3

I hope to become great friends with all of

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Hello there :)
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 10:13 pm by XiahtiC
Hi to everyone here :D

I decided to join when I saw Yuki's AF sig and saw this link, curiously, I clicked on it and was directed here and so, since i'm part of AF as well and saw how the people here are also from there, I decided to become part here as well.

Anyway, nice to meet ya guys :) and wish to get to know you all soon :D


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Twinstar is here
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptyThu Jun 27, 2013 10:38 pm by Twinstar
Hiya everyone :) Some of you may know me from other forums. I have been using the name Twinstar for many years and have been an admin on other forums and a mod as well (and still currently a mod on AF).

One thing to know about me, I am a huge yaoi fan and an even bigger Kingdom Hearts fangirl. I also make graphics and draw (mostly animals and anime).

Looking forward to this forum getting active …

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Hello I'm Rikudou Sennin
Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 12:51 am by Rikudou Sennin
I'm a naruto roleplayer and always be

I've roleplay as
•Rikudou Sennin
•Rikudou Sennin Jr (My own created character)
•Naruto Uzumaki
•Nagato Uzumaki
•Madara Uchiha (sometimes)

I'm currently a Administrator & Moderator of a few sites

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Ehm... Hi... h-hajimemashite...
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Twinstar is here
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 Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic

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Yuki Kiryuu
Yuki Kiryuu

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Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic Empty
PostSubject: Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic   Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 1:51 am

'Where is that shitty brat?' Rivaille wondered to himstlf, as he sat in the mess hall where Eren should have met him an hour ago to do some training. He was pissed because he was a very busy man. "TCH.." He angrily said under his breath. He got up leaving his and Eren's breakfast untouched and cold.

"Heichou, where are you going?" One of his subordinates asked.he glared angrily, making the soldier cringe in fear." I was just asking cause we're leaving soon. Where is Eren anyway?" He gave the soldier a death glare," None of your ducking business where I'm going, and I'm gonna find the shifty brat and severely punish him for making me wait." With that he turned on his heels and walked angrily out of the room.

Damn shifty brat. He sneered to himself, he was going to make him pay. No one stood him up. He was almost to Eren's door thinking what kind of belittling punishment he would rain down on him.

"Oi brat! Open this door right now!" He screamed banging on his door. "It's not wise to ignore me brat!" He was getting nowhere this way. He kicked the door , pissed the brat wasn't answering his superior.

"I'm coming in." he said angrily, shoving the door open, it hitting the wall with a bang.

What he saw net appalled him to no end. Seeing his subordinate sprawled on his bed, eyes closed, hands around his hard member, sweating and moaning as he pummeled his taught hole with his delicate fingers. So this is what he's been doing., so shameful and dirty. He had to admit it was very hot and erotic seeing Eren in this state. He felt his own member starting to twitch in his pants.

He stared at him for a few minutes, revalling in the erotic things he was doing to himself. Rivaille shout the door quietly and locked it, not wanting to disturb the boy.

He slowly stripped off his cape and other gear slowly and quietly walking toward Eren, not making his present known to the boy quite yet. as the boy was nearing his orgasm, fingers pummeling his member and hole like no tomorrow, he cleared his throat loudly, standing over the boy, smirking at his reaction.

"Heichou!" he screamed, darting up so quick and looking flustered. "Its not what it looks like." He said shaking like a leaf with fear in his eyes worried waht his superior would say.

"Not what it looks like? You're disgusting you shitty brat." He said menacingly staring the boy down, capturing every spot of his perfectly tan body. He was getting so hot, then it dawned on him what this boy's punishment would be.

He grabbed the boys chin harshly, and said "I know what your punishment should be for making me wait for you. I think you'll find it pleasurable." He smirked glaring into the boys green eyes.

He then placed a hard and forceful kiss on the boys lips, Eren gasping in protest, trying to get away from him. This only made him kiss him harder, sucking and biting the boy's lower lip. He finally broke away from the kiss, leaving Eren a hyperventalating mess.

"What are you doing Heichou? I don't understand." He mutters sheepishly. "Why are you doi---" he was cut off by another forceful kiss. Eren gasped as Rivaille's tounge plunged deep in his mouth. Eren started to massage his tongue with his, and started to get more and more aroused. "Uggnn.." a moan escaping his lips.

Rivaille noticed the boy starting to melt like putty in his hands. He broke the kiss finally, seeing the boy half lidded and panting.
"Yeah, you're a dirty brat." He said to him seductively, "I'm going to masks you wish you never left me hanging."

He sat back deciding on his next move. He started nibbling on the boys neck, then started to move down to his very hard, tiny taught nipples.

"Ahh.. Heichou!" The boy mewed ans he played and sucked on his nipples. Rivaille removed his clothes slowly, watching the boy watch him. He then continuded to make his way down to the boys twitching member.

He then finally mad his way to the pulsating twitching member. He looked up at Eren seductively, the boy looked back at him eyes half lidded at the ectasy. "I'm gonna make yo feel good now Eren." He said gripping the base of his hot member and bringing it to his lips slowly.

He tenderly teased his tip with his tongue, making Eren gasp and buck his hips, mewing at the pleasure of Rivaille's toungue as it moved across the throbbing tip. Rivaille cleared his throat, ready to say something, but Eren grabbed him and whisper, "I need you." It sounded like a lustful moan mixed with genuine begging, and Rivaille couldn't help his smirk.

Rivaille reached for the lube on the nightstand, quickly coated his fingers, and settled himself betweenEren's thighs. Eren looked at him erroticly, letting him easily part the boy's legs, spreading him open to reveal his tight entrance. He didn't tease but slicked the opening and pushed in hard with two fingers, causing Eren to scream.

He looked at Eren, at his disoriented state, His eyes shone with lust as he moaned, "Heichou..." The fire was eating him so badly. He found himself wanting to be ravaged by Rivaille, the feel of his hotness enveloping him.

He needed, no he wanted MORE. The fire inside him was still burning strong. "Need... more..." he managed, only to have Rivaille thrust his fingers inside him once more.

Rivaille positioned himself to enter the moaning subordinate. Smiling in desire, he relaxed before slowly pushing inside. He felt Eren's muscles tighten around him.

"Argh," he gripped onto the sheets, obviously in slight pain. "It hurts Heichou." He said to Rivaille between moans. "How can it hurt with the way you were pummeling your hole with your fingers earlier." He said with a smirk.

He thrust deeper into Eren and kissed him again. He tried to talk, but Rivaille kept him quiet by pressing onto his mouth.

Rivaille's hands went to his hips and pulled him closer. Eren pulled him closer to deepen their kiss and his moans echoed in their mouths.

Rivaille thrust as hard as he could, pulling away from his lips as his moans became silent screams. He noticed Eren's grip on the sheets causing his fists to be white and felt his body tighten as well. Then he reached his climax and came on both of their chests.

But Rivaille was not stopping there. His body was only even more heated up and his breath became harder. He gave a few more thrusts and released his seed inside of Eren.

He then fell on top of Eren, spent, both panting and sweating. He then ran his thumb across his lower lip before planting a sensual kiss on Eren's lips. "Heichou what came over you?" He asked confused and embarrassed about what just happened. Rivaille sighed and said, "That was your punishmdnt for making me wait for you. I suggest you never do that again." He said to the wide eyed boy.

Well, this was my very first fic. Inspired by 'The Proposal' by Sexybvirgo.

I hope you like it.

Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic 5dm2k2
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Punishment or Pleasure: a EreRi fic
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