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Ehm... Hi... h-hajimemashite...
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 11:07 am by Mstarh
Hello minna-san - Mstarh here..

I just joined here cause I saw the link on AF...

Me: "That says Bishiehaven... I like Bishies... Is that some sort of haven of bishies? -- I wanna go there..."

Then I registered...

I love yaoi, manga and anime... My favourite types of animes are Survival game types such as Mirai Nikki and Dangan Ronpa... Also... Mystery Death animes like Umineko and Another... …

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Heyyo Guys!
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 10:22 am by 2spooky_4_you
Hey guys! My name's Kyle and I'm really excited to be apart of this forum.

I'm a huge fan of movie make-up, video games, anime, and a lot of things really. I'm in love with history and classic Japanese monster films. 

I love to cosplay, especially with my friend Orion.

I'm saving up to buy and collect old video games and consoles. I'm not the best gamer out there, but I still love to play …

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Bishie Haven Staff
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 9:47 pm by Yuki Kiryuu
ѕтჃ σƒ вιѕнιє нανєη


✘уυкι кιяуυυ


♡яιкυ∂συ ѕєηηιη

gяαρнι¢ ∂єѕιgηєяѕ:


ƒσяυм нєℓρєяѕ:


ѕ¢αηℓαтιση тєαм:


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Hello, hi, hey :)
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyWed Aug 14, 2013 4:50 pm by Averlie

I can't believe I just joined the forum without even introducing myself. So I apologize to everyone out there and here it goes:

Hello, Averlie is totally not my real name but I prefer it, so if you wanna know the truth just PM me please.

I'm an excessive gamer and I build rovers in my spare time. 

Right now I'm in love with programming because I'm an absolute nerd so I'm taking …

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Hello~ AmyChan here *^*
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 8:08 am by AmyChan
Hii Hii~! I'm Amy, and I'm British (If I start with my nationality, things usually go well XD) I've been cleaning on and off for about 5 months, and it's one of my hobbies XD I saw this group on a website, and it looks so friendly imc  I love food, btw XD I hope I can get to know you guys better *^*

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Hi <3 don't shoot! I mean no harm ;_;
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 3:13 am by Lilliane19
I'm Lilliane19! real Name is Chizuru Yukimura. I'm from the Philippines and I love anime, manga, and video games (specifically OTOME GAMES <3). A very pretty friend of mine recommended this page to me, and I fell in love with the photo of the hot anime dude that came up (Karneval~) so I immediately joined :3

I hope to become great friends with all of

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Hello there :)
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 10:13 pm by XiahtiC
Hi to everyone here :D

I decided to join when I saw Yuki's AF sig and saw this link, curiously, I clicked on it and was directed here and so, since i'm part of AF as well and saw how the people here are also from there, I decided to become part here as well.

Anyway, nice to meet ya guys :) and wish to get to know you all soon :D


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Twinstar is here
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyThu Jun 27, 2013 10:38 pm by Twinstar
Hiya everyone :) Some of you may know me from other forums. I have been using the name Twinstar for many years and have been an admin on other forums and a mod as well (and still currently a mod on AF).

One thing to know about me, I am a huge yaoi fan and an even bigger Kingdom Hearts fangirl. I also make graphics and draw (mostly animals and anime).

Looking forward to this forum getting active …

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Hello I'm Rikudou Sennin
The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 12:51 am by Rikudou Sennin
I'm a naruto roleplayer and always be

I've roleplay as
•Rikudou Sennin
•Rikudou Sennin Jr (My own created character)
•Naruto Uzumaki
•Nagato Uzumaki
•Madara Uchiha (sometimes)

I'm currently a Administrator & Moderator of a few sites

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Yuki Kiryuu
Yuki Kiryuu

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The Proposal by SexyBVirgo Empty
PostSubject: The Proposal by SexyBVirgo   The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 9:36 pm

He felt the eyes before the teen stepped from the cover of the trees. He was surprised to see Ichijo. Instinct wrapped his fingers around the hilt of Bloody Rose and he had it aimed a second later.

"Go to class, vamp." He snarled the words in his usual fashion. Mean and disdainful. He hated vamps, especially when they snuck up on him. It was his own fault, he decided. If his mind hadn't been so full of treacherous thoughts, it wouldn't have happened.

"I will," The vamp paused, "after we talk."

Zero studied him for a long silent moment. His senses were on high alert. What could the Vice President want with him? They'd barely spoken to one another in the time that he'd attended Cross Academy.

Ichijo raised his hands and kept a respectful distance. "I just need a moment and then I will be gone. That is if you still want me gone."

Zero scowled. "Why would I want you to stay? In fact I would like it if you would go straight to hell and take your brethren with you."

Unexpectedly Ichijo laughed. "I think you will feel differently in the morning."

Zero stayed quiet, waiting for him to get to the point. What the hell was he playing at? Did he want Zero to kill him? As if he wouldn't love to kill all the vamps attending the school.

But then a certain vampire would hate him.

He was immediately distracted. Where the hell had that thought come from?And he'd been having more thoughts like that lately. He was starting to think he was going crazy.

"So start talking." He demanded harshly. As always, he completely discarded respect figuring he didn't owe it to any of them.

"Your thirst is getting worst." Ichijo stated bluntly and Zero immediately regretted his own impatience.

"That subject is not up for discussion." He gritted out. How in the hell did the vamp even know of his problem? He thought the three of them had kept that secret pretty well.

"Even if I have a solution?"

That made Zero pause. "Why would you come up with a solution for me?"

"It's not for you." Ichijo was enjoying being as blunt as the prefect. "But rather for Kaname-sama and Yuki-chan."

Now Zero's attention was caught completely.

Lately he'd been feeding from the pureblood to control his bloodlust. Really Kaname was doing it so he wouldn't lose control and feed from his precious girl. Any way to get away from his personal hell was welcome. Lately, when he fed from the pureblood he'd been feeling equal parts of loathing and straight up lust. It was disconcerting to say the least. It was the reason he'd tried to limit the feedings and control the bloodlust. But the pills were no help and every day was becoming torture. But feeding from the pureblood was slowing throwing him into madness. He had a dreadful feeling that he was slowly sinking. But into what?

When he was alone with his thoughts he often wondered if the pureblood even noticed. Most likely not. He only had eyes for Yuki. He wanted, no needed to get away from the entire situation. He began to seriously think about Ichijo's proposal.

"I'm listening." He looked at a sky that was filled with swollen, gray clouds and re-sheathed bloody rose. "And make it quick."

Ichijo, smiled angelically and glided a little bit closer. "Make a blood pact with me and you will never have to thirst or drink from Kaname again."

"Whaaat?" If Zero had guessed, that statement would have been at the bottom of the list of a million phrases he expected from the noble. "No!"

His reply was automatic. He was not chaining himself to a vamp. Hell no, he was already half chained to one and it was damn near killing him. And he had feeling that this so called blood pact wasn't a temporary thing.

But if it means getting away from Kaname….

"Don't get me wrong Kiryuu, I don't want to make you my familiar or anything. I just want Kaname-sama to be free of you. To help my King."

Zero glared ferociously. "And the best plan you can come up with is a blood pact with me? Don't you know I haunt your kind? Or didn't Kaname tell you that?" He taunted.

"No need to be sarcastic dear Zero, I truly want to help." Ichijo moved closer. "You should consider it. It's a good deal."

What the hell? What did Ichijo stand to gain? Did he love Kaname that much?

"What does this blood pact entail?"

He couldn't believe that he was actually considering it. But what the hell. What did he have to lose?

Ichijo shrugged, looking uncomfortable for the first time during the entire conversation. "The pact does come with certain..shall I say constrictions. We would need to feed frequently from one another and," He paused. "You wouldn't be able to refuse sexual relations with me."

Zero's jaw dropped as the noble continued. "The blood exchange creates a certain need."

"So I'll be your sex slave is that it?"

Ichijo laughed. "I guess. So what will it be? Allow the thirst to turn you into a level E or me?"

Put in those exact terms, Zero could be decisive and he would be free of Kaname and Yuki would be safe. He nodded once, decisively. "Deal."

Ichijo moved even closer, now totally in Zero's personal space. "Good. First you will have to feed from me-"

The attack caught them totally off guard. One moment he was facing Zero, the next looking down into Kaname's enraged face, choking as long, slender fingers hefted him into the air by his throat. Ichijo stared into ruby colored eyes. He didn't try to protect himself. This was what he anticipated after all.

Zero on the other hand was completely shocked, his eyes glued to the shadow that was darker than the night around them.

"Kaname-sama." Ichijo bowed his head respectively, speaking with great difficulty around Kaname's hand.

Kaname shook Ichijo. "Did I hear correctly? A blood pact? With Zero?"

Ichijo blanched white. He recognized this tone and it was not good. Although he'd expected Kaname to be angry, he hadn't expected this level of rage. His King was lethally pissed off. Time seemed to freeze as Kaname turned his head and focused on Zero.

"And you were going to accept Zero?"

Zero was in the act of reaching for his gun again when Kaname's terrible gaze and words froze him. He found he couldn't move any part of his body. What the hell? He squirmed against the invisible bonds that held him and willed his thundering heart to slow down. What was wrong with the pureblood? He was acting totally out of character and Zero was rightfully terrified. As civilized as the vamp was, he was still a vampire and they were natural born killers. But why was he this upset? He'd never seen that expression of pure vehemence on his face nor felt this pure death in his aura. If any one had asked him to explain it he would have said the pureblood was in a berserker state.


Kaname's aura was wrapping around him, closer than any lover would, sliding under his clothes to encompass his skin. Completely immobilizing him. He glared at the Night Class President as if his life depended on it, trying to hide his sudden fear. He didn't think it worked.

"What the hell are you doing Kuran? Stop it!"

Was that his voice breathy with fear?Alarm shot through him. Fear was the quickest way to bring out a vamp's beast. Down to the basics it was simply a game of predator and prey. Zero was well aware of where the boundaries stood between them right now.

Not turning his furious eyes from Zero, Kaname casually tossed Ichijo to the ground. "Make yourself scarce. I will speak with you later."

Punish him more likely.

Ichijo coughed and rubbed his sore throat. There would be bruises there in the morning he suspected. Not willing to further anger his King, he made himself scarce.

Zero watched as the Vice President scurried away, wanting to call him back and plead with him not to leave him alone with Kaname.

"You dare look to someone else?"


Kaname now stood directly in front of him, so close that Zero could feel the warmth rising off him. The pureblood smirked as Zero tried to disappear into the tree behind him. His fingers slid through soft, silver strands of hair, caressing before gripping tight. He tugged so the pure white line of the hunter's throat was bared to him.

"Not to worry, after tonight you won't dare look to any one else again."

Zero screamed as Kaname's fangs flashed white in the darkness, long and deadly and beautiful sinking deep into his tender skin.

End of Chapter One.

The Proposal by SexyBVirgo 5dm2k2
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Yuki Kiryuu
Yuki Kiryuu

Posts : 155
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Age : 36
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The Proposal by SexyBVirgo Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Proposal by SexyBVirgo   The Proposal by SexyBVirgo EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 6:44 pm


A gaping maw stretched before his eyes, dripping scarlet blood. His blood.


He screamed. The beast was going to devour him! He struggled against the invisible bonds that held him, terror and self preservation undoing rationale.



"Zero! Wake up damn it!"

He bounded straight up when his name was shrieked directly in his ear, promptly whacking his forehead against Yuki's with an audible crack.


The collision sent Yuki tumbling backwards off the bed and him onto his back. Both of them cradled their heads in their hands too overwhelmed with the sudden pain to react. After several agony filled moments, Zero cracked one eye open to make sure Yuki was okay. She was still holding her head, muttering under her breath. He gave her a little more time before fixing her with his trademark glare.

"What the hell Yuki! What are you doing in my room so early in the morning? And on my bed too?"

She gave him one of her own. "Idiot it's night. You slept all day and missed the crossover!"

"What?" He turned his head to look out the window then wished he hadn't when the room swirled before his eyes.

"That's my line. What happened to you yesterday? Did you run into a level E? I mean Zero it's unlike you to let your guard down. Cross is going to…"

He frowned letting her words fade into white noise as he tried to bring up the recollection of the night before. What had happened last night? He remembered patrolling in the forest and running into Ichijo and listening to his crazy proposal and shit! The memories crashed in right beside the dull headache he now had. Kaname tossing Ichijo aside before moving to him and shit!

He was out of the bed like the flash. He scraped his shoulder on the door on his way into the bathroom, ignored it to stare at his reflection in the mirror in disbelief. He was paler than usual so the blood stains on the collar of his shirt were a blaze of color and the two punctures were a vivid brand. Right under his tattoo. His world stuttered like a scratched dvd. It hadn't been a nightmare. The bastard had actually bit him. His chest heaved as he began to hyperventilate. He felt Yuki's hands on his back dimly as he tried to pull in air.

"Zero?" Her voice was concerned and a little hesitant now. "I can get Cross-"

"No!" That was the last thing he wanted. "I'll handle it." But how? He was still frantically trying to force himself to breath. His thoughts were a tangle of emotions fear being the foremost. Why had Kuran done that? And why hadn't he been able to stop him? Kuran knew his history, so why would he? Anger began to edge out the fear and he breathed a little easier. He was going to shoot that bastard so full of holes he was going to have to change his last name to swiss!

"Get out Yuki."

"What? No! Not until you tell me-"

"I'll tell you later. Get out! Tell Cross I was sick. I'll be on duty tomorrow."

Yuki was extremely reluctant."If you say so. If you don't show up for class tomorrow I'll come drag you there."

"Yeah, yeah. Out."

It wasn't until she was gone that he realized the smell of Yuki hadn't tempted him one bit, though the dull ache of thirst hadn't disappeared. Just what had Kuran done to him? He forced his eyes back to his reflection and studied the bite marks. If he'd been out an entire day they should have healed by now. Cautiously he pressed the tender skin around the punctures and was startled by the lance of pleasure that zipped down his spine. A drop of blood oozed sluggishly from one hole. What. The. Fuck. Again, he tried to recall the events of last night but got no further than the hazy moment right after Kaname had penetrated him. There had been a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure and then….nothing.

He began to rip his clothes off, Kaname's crazy behavior running all types of crazy scenarios through his head. Standing naked in the center of the bathroom he went over his body slowly, happy when nothing new turned up. Well, as happy as I can be with some damned vamps marks on me.

And just like that he was back to square one. I'm going to shoot him!

He jumped in the shower and scrubbed himself pink cursing when the fabric of the washcloth abraded the bite. If it didn't heal soon it was going to be troublesome. Freshly clothed he opened the drawer where he usually kept Bloody Rose and acknowledged his night was only going to get worse. Rose wasn't there and a search of the room came up empty.

So not only did he bite me but he took Rose also, arrgh!

He left his room through the window not wanting to alert Yuki or Cross. He was going to find that bastard, get Rose back, and kill him.

He had an inkling that he wouldn't have to go too far to find the vamp. 2

The Proposal by SexyBVirgo 5dm2k2
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The Proposal by SexyBVirgo
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